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(Selected Pictures from the April Journal)

On the Cover
This painting by Martin Pate (www.pateart.com) greets visitors as they enter the museum at the Poverty Point State Historic Site in northern Louisiana. It represents an aerial view of the site as it might have appeared 3500 years ago (for full image see page 64). This Late Archaic Period site still holds many mysteries, and in June 2014 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its main mound (at center) is only surpassed in size by Monk’s Mound at Cahokia. For the full story see page 61.

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Message from your Editor   59
Letters to the Editor   60
Obituaries   60
Mounds and Earthworks on the Public Highway Part Five: Poverty Point Steven R. Cooper EIC 61
A Vulture Effigy Pipe from Lee County Georgia, Lloyd E. Schroder 66
Greasy Agate C.J. O’Neill 68
To LeCroy or not to LeCroy, That is the Question James E. Maus 69
Hopewellian Indian Burial Customs and Associated Artifacts Jerry Carter 71
The American Ball Game Court E.J. Neiburger 74
The Pumpkin Orange Holland Kenny Resser 78
Rare Deptford Style Axes of South Carolina Ron L. Harris 79
A Middle Woodland Ross Blade from the Hiser Site, Jackson County, Illinois Raymond Fraser 83
A Western Kentucky Bannerstone Cheri Williams 86
Expedient Tools Bob Reeves 88
I Scratch with My Feet Too Clarence G. Mason 92
  Book Review    
  Stone Age Man in the Middle South and Other Writings by William Edward Myer Steven R. Cooper EIC 93
A Rare Find in the North Carolina Piedmont: An Early-Archaic
Taylor/Van Lott Projectile Point
Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 94
Stories Behind the Stones: Artifact Explorations with my Uncle Jim in Hickman County, Tennessee Skip Cagle 96
A Caddo Beaver Charles S. Wagers 100
The Ottwell Axe:A Giant from Montezuma, Pike County, Illinois Korhan B. Raif M.D. 103
A Folsom Site in Eastern Colorado Tom C. Westfall 104
Great Hunts Six Years Apart Adam Agusti 105
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Officers and Societies   109
Calendar of Events   112