Central States Archaeological Societies
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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Anyone with an interest in archaeology is invited to join.
Residency in a particular state is not required.

  • The Central States Archaeological Journal is published collectively by the 19 State Societies.
  • Membership entitles a member to the CSASI Journal 4 times per year is
    • to one of the state societies or
    • Institutional Membership
  • Dues are $26 per calendar year
    • State Membership:
      • $18 is forwarded to the Central States to be used for the publication of the Journal.
      • $8 is retained by the state societies for publication of the newsletters and sponsoring shows.
    • Institutional Membership
      • $26 is forwarded to the Central States to be used for the publication of the Journal.
  • NOTE
    • First level; $26.00 for the continental United State (i.e. 48 states).
    • Second level; $32.00 all areas outside of the continental U.S., (i.e., Alaska, Hawaii, foreign counties, and oversea).

  • Credit Card membership through PayPal dues payment is an additional $1.00 to cover processing fees
    • Membership information must flow through distinct channels, you may experience a delay of one to two weeks in receiving membership information
    • PayPal will be available as State Officers ratify the process for THEIR state
  • Each society is run separately with it's own elected officers. Additional benefits vary from state to state, often including but not limited to:
    • FREE or discounted display tables at sponsored shows
    • FREE or discounted admission to sponsored shows
    • Membership cards for show discounts
    • Society newsletters with updates of what happening around the state
    • Receive notices of educational meetings, displays and shows
    • Opportunity to become acquainted with a group of archaeologists, both amateur and professional, who are striving to learn more about prehistory.
  • New or renewal members will not receive the journal immediately. The application MUST go through the channels of the societies. Please be patient.

  • Please do not mail membership applications and / or dues to the librarian.
    Mail to the Society Treasurer or indicated point of contact identified in STEP 3.



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