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Notice to Contributors


  • Your photos and stories are needed, and appreciated.
  • Send all materials for publication to the Editor-in-Chief
  • You are encouraged to submit articles electronically, saved to disk or CD.
  • Photos submitted via the internet must be in high resolution. This means your photo must be at least a 250kb file. All internet photos should be in the JPEG.
  • The authors name and address must appear at the beginning of each article. Files should be saved as MS-Word documents or text files. A hard copy of each article must be submitted with the disk.
  • When quotations, statistics, or other information is borrowed, be sure to credit the source in a footnote or bibliography entry. If you are unsure of the proper form, see past examples on the printed journal.
  • All manuscripts and photographs become the property of the CSAS upon receipt.
  • All articles are subject to editing by the editorial staff.
  • Closing dates for future journals is forty-five (45) days prior to the month the journal is published and mailed. This allows time for the Publishing and Finance Committee to review journal content.


  • Photographs may be submitted electronically, saved to disk or CD. Please be sure that are clear (high contrast) color or black and white high resolution images. You may also submit good quality photographs and we will scan. Please do not submit low resolution images or Polaroid photographs.
  • Be sure to write a caption for each artifact, including information as to type, size (unnecessary if a scale appears in the photograph), provenience, age and the name of the finder and/or owner etc.
  • Photographs of spears, points, knives, etc., are featured with points up; spades and hoes with bit down; gorgets horizontally; pendants, plummets and bannerstones vertically.

We do not wish to publish articles or photographs that have appeared in other archaeological publications unless there is a good reason for doing so. If, therefore, you have submitted a manuscript and/or photograph to the CSAJ that has been sent to another publication, be sure to notify us of this. All photographs and/or disk are retained for use and will not be returned. Please do not send us your only copy.