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(Selected Pictures from the October Journal)

On the Cover
This digital enhancement of a large group of Woodland Period Hopewell points from the Museum of Native American History gives them the appearance of a stained glass artwork, and was created exclusively for this 60th Anniversary journal. Their real sizes range from 8 ¾ to 2 ½ inches. Materials range from banded Reed Springs (Dickson), Kay County chert (Dickson point), colorful variegated Burlington (Gibson point), Harrison chert (North point), Jefferson City chert (Snyders point) as well as raw and heated varieties of Burlington chert.
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Message from your Editor
Contributors to this Special Anniversary Publication   173
Letters to the Editor   174
Obituaries   174
Denny’s Gift Mike Sutton 176
Perino Knives: In Honor of Gregory Perino Steven L. Boles 178
Cameron W. Parks to Richard Q. Bourn Sr.
What’s the Connection? Part One,
Edson Bourn 186
Traveling with Cameron W. Parks:
Part Two - Catalog Notes
Richard Q. Bourn, Jr. 189
A Lost Collection Comes to Light Greg L. Moore 190
And So the Story Goes.... “The Pool Table Hardin” Steven R. Cooper E.I.C. 193
The Hooked Type Bannerstone Revisited:
Additional Authentic Specimens
David L. Lutz 194
A Knife River Flint Fluted Point
Found in Vermillion County, Indiana
Juliet E. Morrow
An Extremely Fine Negative Painted Vessel
Perishable Items from Barren County, Kentucky
The Ancients Certainly Loved Color   206
Small but Mighty - An Undamaged Headpot Emerges   208
A Rare Cooter-Style Hunchback Vessel   209
Ranch Incised Pottery James E. Maus 210
My Celt Trifecta Rodney Farr 212
The Romance of Collecting Rodney M. Peck 214
Seeing Double? Dr. Jeff Pyle 216
Lost but Found - Two Tennessee
Stone Statues Show Themselves
Steven R. Cooper E.I.C. 218
A Group of Paleo Points from Illinois and Missouri   228
Three Pipes   229
Stunningly Colorful Clovis Points   230
Three Double Notched Slate Butterfly Bannerstones   232
Exceedingly Fine Flint   233
A Miniature Tennessee-Cumberland Human
Effigy Figurine Comes to Light
Tim Fields 234
An Elk (Cervus elaphus) Skull With Cut Off Antler Tines
as Modified by Native Americans
Dr. David A. Easterla 236
Biologic Relationships of 22 Wisconsin Area Sites:
Who’s related to Whom in Wisconsin Prehistory
E.J. Neiburger 239
A Mushroom Hunter Finds Some Hopewell Anthony Havens 250
Hopewell Mica Artistry   252
Southern Alabama Claystone Artifacts   253
Interesting and Exceptional Personal Finds   254
A Massive Morse Knife in Color at Last   256
A Shell Spider Syle Gorget   257
A Spiro Copper Hand-and–Eye Motif and Its Interpretation Jim E. Cox 264
The Hunt was On! My Best Finds in
Harrison County, Indiana 1957-1960
Marty Benton 272
A Cache of Axes from Missouri Craig Hale 276
The Secret of the Empty Grave – A Medicine Bundle
Deciphered ?
Arthur R. Cushman and Gregory T. Cushman 278
Paul’s Pot Bob Reeves 280
Middle Tennessee “Moon Disks” Todd Irvine 282
Stone Tools for Drilling, Piercing and Gouging
from the North Carolina Piedmont
Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 284
Right Place Wrong Time Dale and Betty Roberts 285
The Fox Valley Truncated Barb:
We don’t know what we don’t know
Edward Benck 286
Eccentrics: Images in Flint? Steven R. Cooper E.I.C. 290
Six Fine Mid-South Paleoindian Lanceolette Points   293
Spiro Mound Flint   294
Two Pottery Vessels from Lee County, Arkansas   295
Three Late Archaic Quartz Butterfly Bannerstones   296
Colorful Flint from Texas and Beyond   297
A Huge Texas Oauchita Knife Point   298
Two Dover Swords with Edge Grinding   299
Wisconsin’s Monster Copper Spear Judge James R. Beer 303
A Local Map-Rock Clarence G. Mason 304
Fine and Rare Cannel Coal from Kentucky   305
One in a Billion - A Grand Point Returns Darrel Wilson 306
A Craighead County Bannerstone C.J. O’Neill 310
The Owl People in Northwest Missouri Dr. David A. Easterla 312
Artistry In Quartz Dr. Jeff Pyle 314
The Family Business King Ross 315
The Richburg Simpsons John Richburg 316
An Unique Pipe and a Huge Hardstone Crescent Bannerstone   317
The Pumpkin Patch Patrick Mooney 318
The Red and White Hands of Nodena James E. Maus 322
A Trophy Axe from the Cross Farm Charles J. Vaughan 324
A Varied Grouping of Fine Flint   327
The Largest Barrel Discoidal   328
A Crib Mound Gem Quality Bannerstone   329
First Find Ever - A Forelock Bead!   330
A Gift from Dr. Bunch to Stan Copeland   330
Nine Broken but Invaluable Pipes   331
Stunning Earspools from Arkansas and Oklahoma   332
A Thebes Point Workshop Franklin P. and Robert Everman 334
The Arnold Valley Cache in Virginia Wm Jack Hranicky 336
My Big Find Travis J. Rabideau 338
Forty Years to Identify Tom Arter 339
How Did These Get Here? Bob Reeves 340
Bill’s Michigan Gift Joe Bleistein 344
The Cofitachequi Chiefdom - South Carolina Ron L. Harris 346
Archaizing: A Serious Flaw in Modern Archaeology E.J. Neiburger 353
Evidence of the Practice of Prehistoric Mutilation?
A Severed Human Leg Vessel found in Arkansas
An Old Copper Assemblage from Vilas County, Wisconsin Gordon K. Morris 362
The Williams Spiro Turtle Bowl Jim E. Cox 365
Minutes of the Annual Meeting Hugh McKenzie 368
The Sugarloaf Excavation of September 2013 Angela Austin 370
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   The Sugarloaf Site: A Major Fluted Point Palaeo-American Encampment
   People of the Morning Star
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