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(Selected Pictures from the April Journal)

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Grave Creek Mound in West Virginia as shown in the 1847 publication Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley (Fig. 56). This huge Adena conical style mound measures 62 feet high, 240 feet in diameter and contains 60,000 tons of dirt. It was originally surrounded by a moat 40 feet in width and 5 feet in depth. It was discovered by Joseph Tomlinson in 1770, mentioned by Lewis and Clark, and eventually tunneled into by a descendant of Tomlinson in the 1830ís. They found two rooms deep in the mound, and uncovered over 2000 beads, copper artifacts and a tablet. Once the mound was completely excavated, a museum was opened inside the mound with an admission fee for visitors. The mound was saved from destruction in 1908 by local women, and it became a National Historical Landmark in 1964. For the full story on Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley, see page 62 inside this issue.

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Squier and Davis and the Fate of the First Great Collection
Steven R. Cooper EIC
Interesting Discoveries from Refitting at Nobles Pond
N. E. Nilsson, L. L. Morris, G. L. Summers and P. J. Barans
A Circle of Axes Dr. Alfred D. Savage 75
The Old Copper Culture: Mini-ingots and Trade E.J. Neiburger 76
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Bipoints Before Clovis
The Adena Culture of the Sandy Hill Area, Dorchester County, Maryland

More Than a Coincidence? Tom Westfall 80
Iowa Slant Grove Axes: Some Observations Jeffery Steiner 81
A West Central Illinois Folsom Point: The Quincy Folsom A Unique Regional Variation of a Rare Point Type Korhan B. Raif M.D. 82
The Story of Old Blue Jeff Hipskind 83
A Huge Raised-Ridge Grooved Axe from North Carolina Ron L. Harris 84
A Unique Celt Found in Carroll County, Indiana James Tharp 86
The Paleoamerican Odyssey Conference Dr. Greg Moore 87
Some Middle Mississippian Artifacts from Cass County, Illinois Ray Fraser 88
The Spavinaw Creek Dart Point Matt Rowe 90
Preforms Bob Reeves 92
Ancient Art at the Salineís South Fork Mike Sutton 94
An Unknown Extinct Bison Bone Paleo Tool, a Chopped Proboscidean Tusk, and a Bone Spear Point From Southwest Iowa David A. Easterla Ph. D. 100
Middle-Archaic Morrow Mountain Projectile Points of the North Carolina Piedmont:
A Major Change in Design from the Early Archaic
Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 102
A Michigan Birdstone Discovery Bill Moody 106
What Wonít Some Women Do For Love?
My First Excursion
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