Central States Archaeological Societies
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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI Editor-In-Chief Duties
(Elected Individual need to be willing to served a minimum of 5 terms)


Response for the production of the CSASI journal in accordance with Central State Journal
Publishing Guidance; selecting, designing and editing material for the journal, corresponds with members and
state editors for articles and photos for the journal and others as needed. Select Associate Editors to perform
initial review of draft journal(s). E-I-C sign specific section of the draft journal to each Associate Editors
(AE) for their review/comment. E-I-C make AE correction and present the final journal draft to; President, 1VP, 2nd
VP, BM, Librarian and Publishing and Finance (P&F) Committee. E-I-C review final comments and
correct journal as needed for publication.