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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI 1st Vice President Duties
(Elected - Max 3 years)


Is available to assume the presidency if the President is unable to perform the duties of the office.
The first VP main responsible is the gathering of show and officer’s data from the state societies for the
website and journal.

It shall be the duties of the 1st. Vice-President to act in the absense of the President, and the 2nd Vice-President in the absense of both


  • Gather states artifact show information; works with State Presidents or their appointed POC (Point of
    contact) (info in writing)
  • Gather State Officers information; works with State Presidents or their appointed POC (info in writing)
    Coordinate with Webmaster in a timely manner within 3 days* of receiving information from state so website
    an be updated.
  • Verify website postings *
  • Coordinate with the Editor In Chief (EIC) on posting show and officer data in journals
  • Check draft journal “show” and “officers” data for accuracy.
  • Notify E-I-C of review and any problem(s) noted – Compare web site and journal “show” and “officers”,
    solve any conflicts.
  • Backup for 2 nd VP on annual meeting coordination and room setup.
  • Reference “Guidance_Show_POC_Data”
  • Review draft journals for accuracy of shows and officers information, inform the EIC of result.
  • Committee chairman for special committee appointed by; President and/or the Executive body. Report result
    to the President in a timely manner.
    * Actions generally needs to be accomplished within 3 days

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