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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies
Donate your reproduction relics and qualify for a federal tax deduction


Remove from circulation fake prehistoric relics intended to defraud individuals when sold as authentic prehistoric relics.

Donations are NOT made to CSASI but to a qualiified Central States members state society. This DOES qualify for a federal tax charitable deduction.

The donated relic(s) are included in the fake collection and educational display. The educational display are available at shows to help educate folks. We give a written receipt for all donations.

You will need to have IRS form 8283 (Non cash Charitable Contributions) and the instruction book. You can legally deduct the amount you paid for the items but if your total deduction goes over $5,000, you will need a written appraisal. In that case you would want to talk to an accountant. The fake artifacts would then become the permanent property of the society you donate to.

NOTE: CSASI and its associated state societies does not give tax advice and encourages all donators to obtain qualified tax advice. See DISCLAIMER




Read these instructions fully.


Inventory the items you will be donating


Email a Society accepting donations from the below list to obtain mailing instructions.


Package in protective wrap and mail with a copy of the inventory statement and values.


You will receive back a donation receipt.

Societies accepting donations


Piedmont Archaeological Society