Profile of Young Jimmy Mabe

Name: James (JIMBO) Mabe 
Town: Asheboro 
County: Randolph 
FavoritePoint: ........whichever point I find that day! 
Length_of_time hunting: almost all my life (12 yrs)

Hardaway found by Jimbo in September  '99 while playing in the woods in Randolph County, NC.
Clovis preform (crystal) found on Paleo site in Randolph County when Jimmy was about 6 years old.
Kirk point found in field across from our church in Randolph County, NC

 Once I found a geometrically perfect bird point that was aqua rhyolite. It had perfect serrations like a kitchen knife. I didn't have a plastic bag with me to put my finds I decided to carry it. While looking for more points I DROPPED it!!! I actually saw where it dropped so I searched the area over & over but never found it. It was "The Point that got away"............... but on the same day I did find 6 other bird points while walking out of the field......but I'd trade all 6 of those for the one that got away!

Woodland point found in plowed field across from our house...........the same day he found and lost "THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY".
pottery chard with hole in it found  in field across from our house.

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