Profile of Tammy Mabe

-I live in Asheboro North Carolina

-I do most of my hunting in Randolph County

-My favorite point is the Clovis

-I have been hunting points for about 10 years

-I love to "find" lost treasures.......I always have.

Since I was little I've always looked on the ground for whatever I could find. The best finds of all are always arrowheads! They're the ultimate antique!

Lost for thousands of years until I found it! Wow what a feeling! One of my favorite finds was a Rowan point that I found in February 1990. We were looking on recently cleared site. It was chilly and muddy. Our kids found every mud-hole....What a mess. I was questioning my sanity for even being out here on this awful day. Then there it was, just lying there saying "I've been waiting for you"...... was this beautiful Rowan (I still call it a Big Sandy). It definitely made the day for me.

Here is a link to my new web page called

Big_Sandy.jpg (5339 bytes)

Here's the photo of my favorite find! It was my first perfect arrowhead!

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