Profile of Ron Harris

-I live in Hickory, North Carolina

-I do most of my hunting in the Carolina Piedmont

-I have no one "favorite" point. I like any well made Carolina point.

-I started collecting back in the 1950's with my parents but resumed "serious" collecting when my parents turned over their 40 year collection to me.

-I get great enjoyment in attending the Piedmont Archaeology shows as well as shows in surrounding states. I have a grandson, Christian Harris, 2 1/2, who I hope to interest in collecting and studying Indian artifacts.

Very large full grooved axe found in Catawba County, NC in 1940. Portion of Ron's collection in background.


Ron and his Grandson, Christian Harris, 2 1/2 years old, in Ron's relic room.


Beautiful display of Carolina Piedmont points ranging from Paleo (10,000BC) to Woodland (1,700 AD).


More samples of Carolina points in Ron's collection


Beautiful display of Carolina points in Ron's collection

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