Profile of Roland Beck Jr.


-I live in Bath, South Carolina

-I do most of my looking in Aiken County

-I like the older points like Kirk and Palmer

-my email address is:

-I have been collecting for 20 years.

-I started collecting by accident.I was scouting for
deer crossings, on a dirt road. While looking I found
a quartz palmer

Axe-face.gif (118322 bytes)

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The Deptford ax was found in a drainage ditch in Aiken county South Carolina on 6-17-95.
The Deptford dates to the Late Archaic period 4000 b.p.

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This Kirk was found in Aiken county South Carolina
on 2-25-93 on a site.

Bolen_Roland.gif (63940 bytes)

Bolen Bevel from Aiken County

Notched_Grouping.gif (135827 bytes)



These are Notch Points from Aiken County South Carolina.

Colorful_Yadkin.gif (81712 bytes)  


Yadkin and Colorful Savannah River found in Aiken County SC.

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