Profile of Pierre VanFossen

-I live in Gloverville,South Carolina

-I've done all of my looking  in Aiken County, mostly along Big Horse Creek

-Favorite Point:  Daltons and all notched beveled serrated points.

-Length_of_time: I've been collecting for four years

-In 1995 the pond next to my house was drained.While 
walking along the pond I discovered a Madison chert
projectile.That was my first find.Ever since then I 
have been searching.I mostly hunt along Big Horse
Creek in Aiken County. Horse Creek is one of the many
tributaries of the Savannah River.

Dalton_Duo.gif (101988 bytes)



Here are two Daltons. Both are left hand beveled and made of heavily patinated yellowish coastal plains chert.

left:3/13/97 right:12/19/97

Bolen_Duo.gif (101070 bytes)



Here are two Bolen Bevels.They are made of Ivory colored coastal plains chert. Found on Big Horse Creek in Aiken County,SC

left point:4/25/98 right point:6/19/97

Guilford-Flaked_Axe.gif (111925 bytes)



Guilford flaked ax, length 8 3/4 in.long, 4lbs, found on Big Horse Creek, Aiken Co.

found on 8/29/98

Kirks-Duo.gif (97067 bytes)



Here is a Kirk Corner Notch and a Kirk Serrated. Found on Big Horse Creek in Aiken Co., SC

left: 3/5/99 right:6/28/97

Both are made of coastal plains chert.

Taylor.gif (86410 bytes)



This point is a beveled serrated Taylor made of coastal plains chert and was found on Mothers Day 5-9-99 along Big Horse Creek in Aiken County, South Carolina.

Savannah_River.gif (141869 bytes)

This picture is of a Savannah River Blade found in Aiken County, South Carolina on Big Horse Creek on 2-13-95. It measures 4 1/8 in long.
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