Profile of Lane Adams

-I live in Stanley North Carolina (20 miles north of Charlotte).

-Recently, I have done most of my hunting in Richmond County but normally, I stay within 15 miles of home.

-My favorite point is the Guilford concave base. To me, this point represents the 30-06 of the ancient Americans. A well made Guilford even looks like a modern bullet.

I have been collecting for 21 years.

21 years ago, when I moved to Williston SC, I immediately took up the sport of hunting, just like I was used to in Illinois. As I would be out in the sandy fields around Williston, waiting for doves to fly over, I would be viewing the ground and seeing pieces of pottery and the occasional arrowhead. Doves would be flying over my head in flocks but I would be bent over picking up artifacts. I then hung up my guns and picked up a "flipping stick". Now I hunt for "facts". To me, every artifact is a "fact".

2-07-99-Morrow+.jpg (30183 bytes)

Tremendous find. This thin Morrow Mountain type I was found Feb 7, 1998 in a tobacco field that has been in cultivation for decades. Yet, this fellow survived unbroken and is now a secure "fact" safe in my cabinet.
Kirk.jpg (21912 bytes) Another great find. I found this Kirk Corner Notch sitting atop a pile of dirt an earth mover had pushed up. Within weeks the area was under cement.

Another artifact saved for the future.

Celt.jpg (23296 bytes) Believe it or not, this was my very first find. I found it when I was 16 and living in Elliot Lake, Ontario Canada. An area was being cleared for picnic tables and a road was being cleared for access. This Celt was pushed up against the base of a tree. For years I called it a "tomahawk" until I read about what Celts were. Kind of took the "excitement" out of it.


April-Palmer-Closeup-sm.jpg (64474 bytes)

April-Palmer-Hand.jpg (48867 bytes)

This little beauty was found April 24, 1999 near the Pee Dee River in a small area that had been cleared of trees months before. One of the best preserved Palmers I have ever found.


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