Profile of Chris Hendrix

-I live in Charlotte, North Carolina

-My favorite hunting grounds are in the 3 counties of Mecklenburg, Stanly and Rowan

-My favorite point type is the Kirk

-I have been collecting for 29 years

I was born in Charlotte, NC and found my first arrowhead at age 6 in our neighbors garden. And 29 years later, I'm still hooked.

I joined the Piedmont Archaeology Society in 1992 and served 2 years as vice President and this is my second year as President of the Society.

I am married to my lovely wife Martha and have 3 sons; Keaton is 7, Wyatt is 3 and Landon is 2. Wyatt is an arrowhead nut like myself.

Here is some of the nicer points we have collected over the years.

Frame-1.jpg (55506 bytes)


Frame-2.jpg (49738 bytes)


Frame-3.jpg (49059 bytes)


Hardaway-1.jpg (11819 bytes)

Hardaway-3.jpg (12747 bytes)


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