Members Profile Questionnaire

Please print and fill in the information and return this form and any pictures to the address in # 5. This information and any pictures may be in a future newsletter and / or on the web.


  1. What town do you live in or closest to?



  1. In what County or area do you do most of your hunting in?



  1. What kind of point is your favorite? eg. Yadkin or Hardaway



  1. How long have you been collecting?
  1. I need  picture(s) of your best finds. When and where did you find each one? Either send me a good picture of them or bring the points to a meeting so I can photograph it. Send pictures to :
  2. Ron Harris
    P. O. Box 1516
    Hickory, N.C. 28603


  1. Any other information you wish to add:



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