Profile of Greg Parker


-The town I live in is New Bern, North Carolina

-I hunt mostly in Eastern NC, from Goldsboro to the Coast and as far north as Dismal Swamp and south as far as Jacksonville, NC

-My favorite point type is Hardaway, Clovis and any Paleo points

-I have been collecting for 10 years

-I have 2 sons, Jordon 13 and Gregory 10, that collect with me also. I am 44 years old and have lived in New Bern all of my life. My email address is for correspondence.

Hardaway-McCorkle.jpg (16559 bytes) Well worn Hardaway blade and very thin serrated McCorkle.
Neuse-River-Bowl.jpg (19207 bytes)  

The bowl I found on the Neuse river about 3 years ago. it is intact.

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