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Central States Archaeological Societies

Obverse and reverse views of a catlinite tablet stolen from the Pipestone Museum in Pipestone County, Minnesota. The images have been enhanced by chalk dusting. You are encouraged to watch for this artifact and report any sightings to Pipestone Museum curators (Chris and Rebecca). Phone/fax: 1(866) 747-3687.


E-mail:  pipctymu@rconnect.com . The tablet is shown less than actual size. The Pipestone Museum appreciates your help in this matter

Large Taylor bottle with a short thimble neck. The lower section is decorated with an interlocking Taylor spiral design. It is 26 cm tall (slightly over 10 inches, with a rim thickness of 1/4 of an inch). Right: a large globular bowl with an unusual twist, a carnated Ripley bowl incorporated into its upper section. It is 22.3 cm tall (about 8 1/2 inches high with a rim thickness of 5/16 of an inch).  


Two views of an extremely rare Caddo effigy bottle. This large and elaborately decorated vessel has a spool neck and inerlocking Taylor swirls over its entirety. It is 12cm in diameter and 16 cm tall (close to 6 1/2 inches tall). Anyone with information on these stolen artifacts should contact: Mr. Willie Fields, 397 Appalossa Ln., Hallsville, Texas, 75650.

Paleo points stolen from retired Rev. Thomas Lipscomb of Paris, Kentucky, on November 4, 1999. The largest point is 5 1/2 inches in length. They include Clovis, Cumberland, and other paleo points. Your help in facilitating their return will be appreciated. Write the Central States Editor with any information on these artifacts. All information will be forwarded to Reverend Lipscomb.



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